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Today I am answering one of the most frequent questions I get.
One of the cheap holidays destinations that you need to visit right now!
To answer that question will be sharing my own opinion.

Number one Bolivia.
I spent weeks traveling like throughout the country and went to multiple cities.
And it is the most physically gorgeous country that I have ever been.
But lot of people have barely even heard of it,
So, make sure that you go to Bolivia and check out, especially the salt flats.
It looks like an incredible country.

I visited Ecuador and Peru,
both of which have sections of the Andes and a similar cultural heritage,
but from what I have saw,
Bolivia is about to be one of the next big destinations,
and it is a place that I would really love to visit again.
Got the death road,
which is crazy to bike down that is.
That is an adventure activity itself.
It has the salt flats.
It has its last place for Butch Cassidy and Sundance.
If you are into adventure, you would not be the first.
But not going to be the last either.
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I do not want my most underrated destination this property, Romania.
Not enough people go there.
It is beautiful.
People are cool, it is cheap.
There is Lot of history.
There is lot of natural beauty.
People skip it and you should not.
Have you been to Romania?
Of a nature nerd,
I know that Romania is one of the greenest countries in Europe.
Over 50% of the country still forested,
and it is one of the last places in Europe that still has brown bears.
the mountains out there look beautiful whether you are into hiking, backpacking, or travel backpacking.

It is good for you cause Bucharest is one of the cheapest cities in Europe.
It is affordable, so if you want to go to Europe and you are trying to stretch your dollars.
Second right places to spend time Russia is Really different, it is surprising, and I think.
There is lot More to see, that we do not typically see in the media.
And in other forms of travel plans traveled to Russia 10 years ago on the Trans-Siberian Railroad.
Coming from Beijing going through Siberia, stepping in there could scan, getting up to Moscow.
Overall, I really loved Russia.
It is a country that here in the United States you hear lot of negativities about in the press.
But politics aside, I found lot of similarities between Russia and the United States.
Specifically in Siberia it had like a frontier culture that reminds me lot of like Wyoming and the western united.
The Trans-Siberian is a unique experience, and the cities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg are beautiful, especially Saint Petersburg.
It is a gorgeous city and would love to go back.
Maybe not in the winter, but then again, that is the best way to see it.

At its heart, my next destination, Namibia.
I have been basin.
In South Africa, for the last two years.
So, I would say lot of African destinations, but specifically Namibia.
It is just naturally stunning.
There is so much to see and do an.
It is inexpensive, it is just.
It is fascinating place.
There is no one in it, it is the least densely populated country in Africa.
The half of it is desert, if not more than half.
I just think more people ought to be we going.
But on the other hand, I do not want them to go.
Because that would sort of spoil the magic of how empty the place.
This I love Namibia.
I visited Namibia back in 2015.
And I can vouch Namibia is one of the most unique places I have ever been in my life.
It is one of the most sparsely populated places on Earth after Siberia.
But what it is lacking in humans, it more than makes up for an incredible wildlife.
It is just a unique place you do not see.
Elephants walking through the middle of the desert very often, so if you do get an opportunity to make.
It to Namibia.
I highly recommend that you take it.

Adding in one of my other recommendations Uzbekistan.
A fascinating place, especially if you are into history, architecture, and food.
A unique destination, unlike anywhere I have ever been before.
I do not know.
You visit Uzbekistan you are never going to forget that trip.
It is frontier is in certain aspects,
but when you see these big, beautiful buildings, mausoleums and mosques and minarets and you try to.
And the friendly people.
Well, it is just a place that will really imprint itself on you,
and it will be good for your Instagram too.
So, head out there.

Next, I recommend Turkey.
Turkey is super underrated and not just Istanbul.
The entire country is so fascinating, the people are amazing.
The food is so delicious, the nature is so cool there's tons of history.
I rubbed Turkey.
I visited Istanbul.
I know that Turkey is much more than that, but.
It is a very fascinating city.
It is one of the coolest places I have ever visited.
There is something unique about how cultures have blended there.
The Bosporus, you are.
You know in Europe looking at Asia or vice versa.
And there's just layer upon layer of history there.
The blend of cultures there is super cool.
One of the things I love most about it was walking down the street and having the feeling like.
Wow, this is like New York.
With the blend of cultures from all around.
The world, but on.
The other side of the world.
And with a different blend of cultures.
And there is lot of cool connections in this part of the world that, as a traveler you might find fascinating and.
The food is delicious.
And Turkish massage and her mom.
Ah, feel good I like.

It Next up I have visited last year, Sri Lanka.
Lot of people go to like the.
The beaches of India and all that kind of stuff.
But do not really give Sri Lanka area at the time of day.
But it is incredible that people are amazing.
Great beaches, great surfing, great food, great culture it.
Is an amazing destination.
I would have to second day there, I think.
Sri Lanka is one of the coolest places that I visited in quite a while.
I had a spectacular time there.
I like the landscapes, the culture.
Food the people super friendly.
I loved it.
Yes, and it is like underrated destination because you know it overlooked with a country like India right next to it,
which is such a huge tourist draw.
People might not think of Sri Lanka, but it does have lot of what India has without lot of the things that drive away.
Lot of tourists from India, I mean it is cleaner.
There are fewer people I mean,
there are less people in the whole country longer than I think of the biggest cities like Delhi and Mumbai, so it is way more chill and until now has only been a destination frequented by surfers.
They go looking for ways all around the world and lot of surfers have found paradise there in Sri Lanka now more tourists are catching odds.

For me, the most underrated destination is Nova Scotia, Canada.
You know, lot of people do not think of Nova Scotia, they think of Ireland.
They think of Scotland when they want that culture,
but you get a great same East Coast vibe on Nova Scotia with beautiful scene.
Very great cliffs and lot of wildlife and Fantastic fun people to party with.
I over the past few years have visited quite lot of Canada,
but one region that has eluded us is this northeastern corner,
the Atlantic provinces of Canada and Nova Scotia in particular,
is one that I am really interested in visiting.
I have heard things.
I have Friends who have Told us that they lived in Halifax.
And they really recommend it as a great town.
There are tons of wildlife, and there is great like.
Culture in the rural.
Areas so overall I think we have touched every province that borders on the United States,
except for the eastern provinces.
So, we got to get out there.

Next, I recommend Malaysia.
It is quite popular amongst backpackers,
but I do not see lot of non-backpackers going there.
Every time I have an amazing time Kuala Lumpur Penang camera hiring the people,
the food, the culture with the weather amazing destination.
I went to Malaysia right after college.
I backpacked through Southeast Asia and one of the things that drew me in that country was the Jungle Railroad.
It is a slow-moving scenic train that goes through the Jungles in the heart of the peninsula,
the Malaysian peninsula.
It was beautiful.
I went to Cameron Highlands.
I went to Taman Negara National Park, and I went.
Also, Depression Islands which are just north in the ocean right there,
very mellow, very untwisted, at least, then one place I did not get to go was Georgetown.
Formerly known as Penang as if happening.
Curry, you get a flavor sample of the entire country is a wonderful place that blends.
Yes, they are all sorts of different influences from Malaysian,
Indian, English, Chinese all in one place and it is delicious.

Also, I Recommends Greenland, one of my favorite countries slash islands.
You would think it covered in ice,\
but around the coast there are actual green and lot of adventure activities.
It has a cool and interesting culture.
It is not high on Lot of people list.

Why not Iran?
It is not a destination popular for Americans,
since you go on an organized tour.
I went there last year, and I was really amazed because Iran has everything.
There is a desert with beautiful architecture, great food.
People are extremely nice.
There are Different islands I spend their three about three weeks and me.
Still may only saw a tiny fraction of a country, so it is I will go back and the most underrated destination for me.

Moving on next,
I think the most underrated is Oman.
Here is a friendly country, Muslim, but with incredible beaches.
Incredible laws that favor women and you know we are safe there.
And it is a great.
Place to visit.
Totally echo what Spud said.
Oman is a great country.
I was there in 2014 and just really loved the balance of.
A country that is able.
To preserve its traditions.
While also being open to foreigners.
That is exceedingly rare.
Especially in the Middle East, it is a friendly,
stable country and locals are genuinely interested in foreigners and want to show off the beauty of their culture.
I think Oman really breaks all the stereotypes that you have of the Middle East and of the Arabian Peninsula.
Yes, there is the desert Oman has part.
Of the empty quarter.
One of the largest stretches of desert in the.
Middle East, but it is also home to huge Green Mountains wadis that are full of water and there's beaches with surf.
Oman catches the tail end of The monsoon, so it is.
A place that will break all the stereotypes that you may have or that you know the media perpetuates about the Middle East.
It is a place that I highly recommend.
That you go.

I also recommend neighboring Qatar.
You can testify that it is one of the best countries for solo travels for family travels for adventure travels and is so much smaller,
so much more intimate.
You can meet friendly.
Locals, you can have great local.
Food and you can just get a real sense of what it is.
To be in a Muslim Arabian country and have so much fun.
Moving things back to South America.
Ernest White, the second at Fly Brother, recommends Sao Paulo, Brazil.
It is a phenomenal city, of twenty million Brazilians.
It is exhilarating, it is exciting.
Obviously, you must like cities.
It is the Bruce City I love Sao.
Paulo and I think more people should spend.

I also recommend another side of a popular country, WA.
I do not think enough people venture West of Melbourne or Adelaide.
Perth feels a little bit like San Diego or Miami.
The countryside southwest in giant trees,
or the carry forests, and the surf waves they have in the southern and western coasts.
It is a great area.
It is a New Zealand like area.
More people would visit because it is cool.
It just takes so long to reach to, even from Sydney that lot of people do not even bother.

And I now, I have things to say about my home country, the USA.
The most underrated for me is the United States we have so much to see and deal.
Here in the United States.
So, I would say the Midwest.
I love traveling in Midwest one that my best trips have been in Iowa.
So, which of the fifty niftiest United States is your favorite?
It is hard to pick favorites, especially amongst the fifty states.
Obviously, kind of a tossup.
But Queen, Hawaii, Alaska, and California.
But lately I have been really digging just the four Corners area where Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona all come together.
The southwest is an incredibly beautiful place and visiting in like.
The fall, the winter, the spring.
Avoid that desert heat and you can explore all the national parks that are out there I also,
I am really interested in South in Louisiana specifically.
I really love New Orleans.
It is one of the coolest cities in the world, and I also really want to explore more of like Nashville and places like down there in the South.
I really do not know.
Too much about the area.
I really want to explore more of that and its side of my own country.
I really have not.

Finally, I recommend Poland.
Well, and I lived in Poland for 2 years.
I obviously have a soft spot for the country.
People go to crack out sometimes.
But they forget Warsaw banks.
The mountains in the South are spectacular,
So, I would say Poland underrated.
I am planning to visit this summer, so I am excited to check it out again.
so, looking forward to getting into that.
I am going to go to Krakow as well.

So, if you all have any tips on those cities or if you have any tips for any place that I mentioned or any place we have not mentioned, go ahead, and add those down below in the comments section.
And if you have already then share with your friends.
Till Then take care.
Keep Traveling.

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